Advice for Marketing in Crisis

Four Triangle Marketers Talk Tips to Try Now

May 5, 2020 at 4:30 PM (Eastern Time)

Marketing, In Crisis

Marketing during the pandemic feels perilous, doesn't it? Focused in and around Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, but with clients all over the world, each of our presenting panelists spends their days taking clients to market. That work hasn't stopped with COVID-19. Our goal in this Cinco de Mayo webinar is to lighten the load and build community by sharing what we've seen with some actionable advice for anyone trying to market and sell through the pandemic. 

Join RTP-based Marketers for a virtual Cinco De Mayo cocktail hour as we share the best Marketing ideas we've tried, tested or thought "wow, I wish I'd thought of that" over the past six weeks.

Julie Bryce

Corporate America citizen turned advocate for the New Way of Working as a fractional CMO

15 years working with B2B tech innovators -  Red Hat, Oracle, multiple VC-backed startups

Google for StartUps mentor, Board Member at 10Thousand Windows, believes every organization has an interesting story to tell 

Lou Killeffer

Founder, Five Mile River Marketing - helping companies from F500 to venture-backed start-ups

Former NY ad exec, advisor to leading brands: AT&T, Citigroup, Fed Ex, Labatt, Nestlé,  Sara Lee, UPS

Professor at UNC, teaching ”Advertising in the Age of Alexa”

Kepler Knott

Founder, TeamSolo --  free-lance force for stand-out marketing results

20 years in research, strategy and marketing for B2B tech innovators, from start up’s to F500

Helping clients acquire capital, customers and partners,  > $200 M in realized value

Christina Noel

Founder, Noel & Co. for research, positioning, brand, and storytelling

Founder, FYSO - Helping early-stage, mission-driven
entrepreneurs thrive

“MVP” B Corp movement, work with > 30 mission-driven organizations on marketing & strategy

We all need to blow off some steam,

please join us if you can!

We will promote and support several non-profits in the RTP, including Farmer’s FoodShare, Refugee Community Partnership and Step Up.

Attendees are also eligible to win dinner at your favorite Mexican restaurant (delivered!), home-delivered margaritas, or a blue-tooth speaker donated by Brand Fuel.

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